Social Media 1 + 1/2 Intensive (Langley)

Social Media 1 + 1/2 Intensive (Langley)


There’s three key facets - to 1. Educate, 2. Engage and 3. Entertain. We’ll take you through the most popularand up and coming platforms and show your their true value, as the easiest and most cost effective way of marketing to yourcurrent and potential customers. At the end of the day people do business with people who they Know, Like and Trust. Tellingyour story effectively through Social Channels will not only achieve this but increase your online visibility dramatically.

 With an effective Social Strategy you’ll always have new leads at your fingertips. So come and find why mobile marketing through your mobile device is the way to go in 2015!

 Learning Outcome

  • How to use your Blog as the centre of your message and use your story for all it’s true worth
  • How to become a brand on Facebook where people can’t wait to read your next status update
  • How to use Twitter to listen to the key conversations you need to hear and build a list that’s easy to manage and maintain
  • Discover why Facebook bought out Instagram for $1Billion and why over 65% of National Brands are now using it weekly
  • How to maximize Google organically! Google+ is now the second largest Social Network - we’ll show you why and how to get on page one of search and stay there!

  • Unlock the potential of Pinterest and entice the millions of people spending over an hour there every day!
  • Take Video marketing beyond Youtube and into the power of your smartphone.
  • Discover why the new ROI is spelled ROR (Return on Relationship)
  • How to advertise for cents per lead with hyper accurate targeting

Takeaway - DVD of Social Media 1 1/2 & Workbook

And Most Importantly, we’ll show you how to integrate all of the above into an easily managed daily strategy in just several 15 minute windows per day.

Required Materials

Laptop with wifi capability, samples of existing marketing materials.

Upcoming Start Dates

March 12 & 13, 2015


  • Price: $1,997 + gst
  • Location: 9734 201st Street, Langley
  • Course Delivery: Workshop
  • Schedule: 2 day intensive workshop; March 12 & 13 8:30am-4:00pm

Training By

We Make Stuff Happen

We help Businesses and Non-Profits Make Stuff Happen!

We help business and non-profits discover and tell their unique story and tell it and share it really well. This is the essence of Marketing and the road to engaging your staff, customers and target market.

How do our clients tell their stories? We help you understand your why. Our plan for each of our one-on-one clients is a "custom-built" story, told over multiple platforms so that whenever someone needs you you're already "top of mind."

One avenue we use is inbound marketing. We show our clients how to use their website, Social Media and other online marketing tools to reach out and build the relationships that will bring business to them. No more time spent wondering if posting on Facebook is a good use of time or sorting out why anyone would want to read your tweets on Twitter. We'll help you plan your Blog posts and position you as the expert everyone is talking about. We help you understand how it all fits together, and how to manage your media within the confines of your day.

We work with businesses of all sizes, solopreneurs on a one-on-one basis, and we have a real heart for non-profits.

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We've built hundreds of successful marketing campaigns and helped people take their business to much higher levels of profitability.