Making Connections: Branding, Planning, & Social Media - Online (Province Wide)

Making Connections: Branding, Planning, & Social Media - Online (Province Wide)


Does Your Social Media Strategy Deliver for Your Business?

This 15-week/19 Unit program guides you in building your brand and a social media strategy, and shows you how to connect them together for results. Together we develop your business or career brand, and weave together the social media tools to support it. We cover defining your value proposition, your market, your visual brand, and your allies. We then explore how to communicate these through blogging, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Email Newsletters, and mobile content. We wrap it up with a section on content and time management.


  1. Making Connections: Branding - An Introduction
  2. ​​Making Connections: Business Brand - Define Yourself, Your Customer, Your USP
  3. ​​Making Connections: Business Brand - Your Products & Services; Your Visual Brand
  4. ​​Making Connections: Business Brand - Your Allies
  5. ​​Making Connections: Business Brand - Follow Through & Summary
  6. ​​Making Connections: Social Media and Business Design
  7. ​​Making Connections: Social Media - An Introduction
  8. ​​Making Connections:  Blogging
  9. ​​Making Connections:  Facebook
  10. ​​Making Connections:  Twitter
  11. ​​Making Connections:  LinkedIn
  12. ​​Making Connections:  YouTube
  13. ​​Making Connections:  Newsletters
  14. ​​Making Connections:  Creating Content Part I, II, III (Resources)
  15. ​​Making Connections:  Mobile
  16. ​​Making Connections: Social Media - Management
  17. ​​Making Connections:  Final Items
  18. ​​Making Connections:  Summary

Available Start Dates: Flexible

Duration: 18 units, allow about 1 hour per unit


  • Price: $750.00 + gst
  • Location: Province Wide: Electronic Delivery
  • Course Delivery: Online/Consultation

Training By

Great Performances Group

Our mission as the Great Performances Group is to improve the lives of business owners and their communities by improving the success of their businesses. We believe that business is a primary contributor to the health of any community. We believe we can support business at every level, strategically and operationally, and in any place. Our daily work is to improve the profitability and accelerate the growth of our clients.

Clemens Rettich is lead trainer and consultant at the Great Performances Group.  Clemens has an MBA in Executive Management from Royal Roads University, 3 years of international sales experience (Asia, Europe, Latin America), and 20 years of experience as a management consultant and small business coach.

Clemens currently is a guest lecturer, mentor, and seminar leader at the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria.

The Great Performances Group has worked with small business owners across Western Canada. Our clients include businesses in the retail, service, transportation, building trades, advertising and promotion,financial consulting, real estate, recruiting employment, and IT sectors, among others.

The other trainers with the Great Performances Group are:

Kellie Auld, Human Resources Advisor

Kellie is a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) and she also holds Certificate in Human Resources Management (CHRM); Provincial Instructor’s Diploma (PID); and a Continuing Adult Education Certificate (CACE), a Workplace Investigations Certificate and many other certifications related to the field of human resources and training.

Kellie’s primary focus for Great Performances Group clients is performance management, and shaping respectful workplaces from a policy-driven and legal perspective. Kellie facilitates interactive workshops to ensure that everyone can share experiences in a safe, welcoming environment.

Timothy Dumas

Tim Dumas loves to work with individuals and organizations alike to lead teams into becoming a cohesive team of Guest Service Fanatics. He believes that it is by implementing the seemingly simple principles of candor and wow, an organization can begin to achieve true organizational greatness.

Tim holds a BBA from Simon Fraser University with a double major in accounting and marketing. After practicums in sales with Frito Lay Canada Inc. and BME Chartered Accountants in Vancouver, Tim began his business career articling as an accountant with Ernst & Young LLP. Shortly thereafter, he embarked on his entrepreneurial and management journey; managing businesses in the hospitality industry from 2004 – 2014. Tim focuses on sales and management consulting; specializing in working with organizations to better utilize their financial information for strategic decision making and human resources leadership.