Elite Business Package (Surrey & Province-wide)

Elite Business Package (Surrey & Province-wide)


This is 1 out of 3 packages to choose from. This Business package is geared to businesses that do have employees, have been in business for a few years. Have full access to control their own websites.

This package will take their business to new levels that they did not know they could.


There are 12 seminars included in this business package: Exposure Warrior(1 day, 9am-5pm), Business Plan 101 (1 day, 9am-5pm), Sales Warrior (2 day, 9am-5pm), Marketing Warrior (2 day, 9am-5pm), Business Excellence (3 day, 9am-6pm), Hire Fire 101 (9am-5pm), Winning Website 1 (1 day, 9am-5pm), Profit Warrior (9am-5pm), Winning Website 2 (1 day, 9am-5pm), Social Media Wizard, Exceptional Customer Service (1 day, 9am-5pm), and Own Your Greatness (3 day, 9am-6pm).

Upcoming Start Dates

  • Exposure Warrior : May 19 Surrey; May 11 Calgary
  • Business Plan 101: February 13 Surrey; August 12 Calgary
  • Sales Warrior: June 25 & 26 Surrey; October 7 & 8 Calgary
  • Marketing Warrior: September 17 & 18 Surrey; January 28 & 29 Calgary
  • Business Excellence: May 28 & 29 & 30 Surrey
  • Hire Fire 101: November 4 Calgary; March Surrey
  • Winning Website 1: March 4 Surrey; September 9 Calgary
  • Profit Warrior: April 28 Calgary; August 14 Surrey
  • Winning Website 2: March 4 Surrey; September Calgary
  • Social Media Wizard: April 23 & 24 Surrey; June 17 & 18 Calgary
  • Exceptional Customer Service: December 9 Surrey; August 10 Calgary
  • Own Your Greatness: TBA

Bonus for this package: Business Mastery 3 day seminar! January 22-24 Surrey; February 19-21 Calgary; April 16-18 Surrey; May 7-9 Calgary; July 2-4 Surrey; September 24-26 Toronto; October 15 -17 Surrey.

Extra Bonuses

  • Re-attend a seminar up to $4,500.00 retail price
  • 10 Copies of a bestselling book “Entrepreneur Success Recipe”
  • Business Excellence online Training of previous year
  • Trade show brilliance Online Training
  • Complete manual of Hire/fire101 (retail $600)
  • Specialized events 3 times a year
  • Business Excellence Live event 2 extra ticket


  • Price: $15,044.40 (including gst)
  • Course Delivery: In-person in Surrey or Online Seminars Province-wide
  • Schedule: Please see description for upcoming start dates

Training By

Make Your Mark Training and Consulting Inc.

Make Your Mark Training and Consulting Inc is the brainchild of Marketing Expert and Business Strategist, Colin Sprake.

Colin lives by the tagline "Business with Soul", which simply means doing business with Heart in a way that makes a positive impression on all those that your business impacts; Your Staff, Colleagues, Associates, Vendors and the Community.

Colin sold his first business when he was 21 years old and continues to build businesses in many different arenas. Over the past 19 years, Colin has visited over 70 countries and has built businesses in mining, engineering, fitness, skin care, handyman services and carpentry, giving him a broad range of understanding into many industries and markets, which ensures you receive top class expertise to grow your business.

99% of start-up & new businesses never get to celebrate their 5th anniversary because of lack of sales, marketing and business knowledge, and mostly because of the Mindset of the Business Owner or Entrepreneur. Majority of the reason why is because the businesses was started by an individual that was passionate about the product they were manufacturing or the service they were delivering, and had no business, sales or marketing skills to assist them in making the venture truly profitable.

Make Your Mark is focused on assisting businesses to achieve their full revenue and profit potential by implementing Mindset, Sales, Marketing and Business Systems and strategies through seminars, corporate trainings and Pro CEO 1-on-1 consulting to yield dramatic increase in the results in your business.

Colin Sprake will assist you with step-by-step processes to have your business making you more money and letting you live the lifestyle you deserve.

He will change the results in your business guaranteed!

If you feel you are spinning your wheels, or have been in business for a few years and not making the money you want, and just not getting your business to where you want it to be, call Colin Sprake at Make Your Mark now.

We promise... you will be very glad you did.