10BY10 Best Practices

10BY10 Best Practices


Course Descriptions

The goal of the 10BY10 course is to give entrepreneurs a road map of business best practices to create the company they are meant to create. This in-depth, step by step curriculum and training spans 12 months and is a proven process for both business and personal growth. As we move through the curriculum, we always work from two fundamental beliefs that we know are true. One, to increase revenues by 10x, growing at least 50- 100% per year, can be done. By going beyond the typical and limiting suggestions of single digit growth, one is empowered to think in new ways. What we have found by all of our work, is that when we give entrepreneurs the chance to explore outside of their old limited belief systems, they uncover possibilities that were not seen before. In other words, by keeping a vision of 10x growth, entrepreneurs think of new strategies and ways to do things. This is very powerful… and it works. Two, a critical outcome that most business training does not achieve is the empowering of business owners to be their brightest and best with all the potential they have as an entrepreneur. With 10BY10, as you grow your business while working through this curriculum, YOU will grow. What we know is important is that if you grow by choice rather than by chance, your growth will be easier, smoother, more fun, and in sync with your business growth.

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  • Price: $2,500 plus GST for Level 1; $5,000 plus GST for Level 2; $7,500+ plus GST for Level 3
  • Course Delivery: Group Training/Group Conference Calls; 1-1
  • Schedule: Level 1 - 21 mtgs/yr; Level 2 - 21 mtgs/yr plus 1-1; Level 3 - Levels 1 & 2 combined plus 100 hours of 1-1

Training By

Wallace Murray and Associates

Wallace Murray & Associates business management consultants in Vancouver BC is setting a new path in personal development and organizational development by providing management consulting and business coaching services to public and private sector clients in Vancouver, Las Vegas, across Canada and the US, and globally, to address matters impacting all departments, and to find concrete solutions so that the entire company works in alignment when moving forward.

We have a wide range of associates in our practice from Vancouver Management consulting, Las Vegas business consulting, Vancouver Business Development Coaching, and other local and global specialists from all aspects of business management consulting. From our solutions in human capital, business management and with our special projects, our consulting services provide you with an advantage: the ability to manage change and transform actions into bottom line financial rewards and into bottom line personal rewards.

Wallace Murray and Associates Management Consultants are specialized in :

  • Management Consulting
  • Business Coaching
  • Sales Coaching & Consulting
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Business Management Training
  • Organizational Learning
  • Recruiting and HR Training