Writing Skills for Business Professionals - Online (Province-wide)


This writing course will help business owners to gain confidence in their writing abilities. The course begins with a writing assessment to gain insights into the weaknesses and inefficacies of a person’s written output.

With written output, we help refine a person’s writing by identifying weaknesses in structure and by developing strategies to “code switch” between formal and informal registers to reduce both instances of communication breakdowns and conflicts that result from incorrect assumptions connected to using the wrong tone of voice.

Learning Outcome

How will this course help?

  • Writing training makes use of an editing service so that clients improve their performance through practice that is both meaningful and in context to their business.
  • Clients can send an unlimited number of documents or emails to have corrected and edited.

Duration: 3 months - $350.00; 6 months - $650.00

Available Start Dates: Ongoing


  • Price: $350.00
  • Location: Province-wide
  • Course Delivery: Online
  • Schedule: 3 months-$350 6 months- $650 Clients can send an unlimited number of documents or emails to have corrected and edited.

Training By

L2 Accent Reduction Centre

The L2 Accent Reduction Centre was established to address the growing communication needs of Vancouver's multicultural workforce.

When we opened our doors in May 2008, we knew that there was a lack of services for skilled professionals. Although there were many ESL courses available, we acknowledged that skilled professionals needed training that goes beyond ESL. Most skilled professionals are highly fluent in English, and yet there are many barriers that cannot often be pinpointed.

At the L2 Accent Reduction Centre we have developed effective techniques that help people to overcome the subtleties of the English language, whether that is instruction in accent reduction (training the muscles of the mouth), techniques for writing professionally, or techniques to help one sound more professional through voice projection, word usage, and portraying a successful professional demeanour.