Website Training - Level 2 (Province-wide)

Website Training - Level 2 (Province-wide)


Are you a business owner who wants to take control of your website and learn how to market your business online? If so, our training program called Website Training – Level 2 is right for you!

Learning Outcome

In this program you will:

  • Work hands-on with us to create a new website for your business
  • Learn how to manage your website and make changes yourself
  • Learn how to market your website online to attract more customers.

Course Description

Module 1: Website Design – 20 hours

  • We interact with you via screencast, telephone, or email sessions to discuss the principles of professional website layout and design – that’s unique to your business. Through this process you will be supplying us with the content for a new website for your business. We will then use this content along with your direction to create a new website for your business. You will also be expected to help add content to the website as part of your training!
  • Your new website will include the following features: WordPress Software, Mobile Friendly, CSS3, HTML 5, Image Gallery, Contact form, SEO, Google analytics, Google Webmaster tools, and more.

Module 2: Website Management – 6 hours

  • In this module you will learn the basics of WordPress website management so that you can make changes to the website yourself.
  • This module is offered through 1-on-1 training in a webinar format (6 sessions, 1 hour per session). Each session is recorded as a video and supplied to the trainee for future reference

Module 3: Website Marketing – 7 hours

  • In this module we outline the different methods available to market your website to attract new customers. The topics covered include WordPress website management, Google SEO, Google PPC Advertising, Google My Business, Bing PPC Advertising, Twitter PPC Marketing, Facebook PPC Marketing.
  • This module is offered through group webinar sessions (7 sessions, 1 hour per session). Each session is recorded as a video and supplied to the trainee for future reference


My experience with Brad Bates and Power-Up Marketing was entirely positive and clear! I loved the interaction that Brad and I were able to create through the webinar format, and how the ‘hands-on’ aspect of this was so effectively delivered. I’m using the skills learned from Brad each day, and exploring more confidently, the world of blogs and beyond! Thank you Brad for sharing your talent and expertise with your clients. Happy and entirely confident, in offering this piece of praise! Continue to enjoy your work, and inspire others.

Deb Leroux Uniting Projects and Capital

I thoroughly enjoyed the training I received from Brad Bates of PowerUp Marketing. I appreciated the fact that he caters each training so it is relevant to the skill level of the person participating. Because of this I was able to walk away with the tools that I could put into action right away to build my online presence.

Dorothy Engst True Blue Spirit


  • Price: $8,550 + gst
  • Course Delivery: Webinars and Training Videos and In Person Consultation
  • Schedule: 33 hours

Training By

PowerUp Marketing

We specialize in website design, Google search engine marketing (SEO), and social media support services. As an early adapter to the internet, we setup our first website in 1995 and have been providing internet web service since then.

Competitive Advantage
Our competitive advantage is that we understand marketing and sales, and have a strong technical background.

Our mission is to work with local small businesses and provide them a range of affordable internet web services. As a small business ourselves, we understand how to market and sell products online in todayís changing business climate! Weíre passionate about website design, internet marketing, and social media - and we can help you!.

Brad Bates - Owner and Founder
Brad's formal education includes a business degree with a major in marketing. As an entrepreneur, he's operated his own internet web business for the past 15 years and has extensive marketing and sales experience along with numerous technical proficiencies including:

  • Website Design: HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQUERY, Flash
  • Programming Languages: PHP,
  • Databases: Microsoft SQL & MYSQL
  • Graphic Design: Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Audio & Video: Sony Vegas, Camtasia Studio, Powerpoint 2010, Audacity

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