Level 1 - Organized and Profitable™

Level 1 - Organized and Profitable™


Course Description - What a business owner needs to get organized and profitable is a strategic practical road map with guided learning on how to use and implement the most effective business design and development tools. This eight-month course offers both the tools and the training to ensure that your business has the best chance for growth and profitability while at the same time developing strategies and habits that improve work life balance and personal wealth.

Defined Instructional Objectives - Small business owners will be led through the five core competencies of business: Leadership, Operations, Finance, Team, and Marketing & Sales. Participants will be able to demonstrate their ability to know, understand, apply, analyse, evaluate and create each learned process within the five core competencies.

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  • Price: $5,250.00 + GST
  • Location: Live interactive online scheduled training
  • Course Delivery: Classroom / Conference
  • Schedule: Thursdays at 9:00 am Starting March 31, 2016. Classes are held online facilitated by an instructor for a total of 32 weeks (4 week break in August) Additional class times may be offered as program fills.

Training By

Systems Business Coach®

Getting your business profitable, organized, and stable are possible when you focus on the basics of business.  These basics include your leadership strength and style, the consistency of your operations, the way you track & spend money, how inspired, informed and cooperative your employees are, and ultimately your company’s reputation in the market.

If you are struggling to get your business profitable, want to gain consistent excellent results for your customers, and are yearning for the lifestyle that you imagined when you first started this venture then consider the Systems Business Coach program as part of your learning journey to greater success.