Grow Your Business Webinar Series

Grow Your Business Webinar Series


Grow Your Business Webinar Series

Women’s Enterprise Centre understands the connection between strong business skills and business success. We understand, too, that very few people go into business with all the knowledge and experience they need to meet the challenges ahead. That’s why our business skills training provides the kind of practical, applied learning that is relevant to the successful operation of a small business.

With an extensive history of financing, advising and training small-business women, Women’s Enterprise Centre is a leader in the delivery of hands-on, real-world skills development programs that can truly make a difference to business longevity and success.

We hope that you enjoy our Grow Your Business Webinar series. The materials contained in these pages will supplement the webinar content and provide opportunities to experiment and test out the learning.

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This hands-on webinar series will take your business to new levels. This is the comprehensive series that will move your business growth from a dream to a doable action plan. We’ve assembled Marketing, Financial and Social Media experts to deliver six sessions of training.

Session 1: Growing Your Business So It’s Right for You!

Enthusiastic about growing your business but not sure where to focus your energy? Do you want to increase sales or profits with innovative new products or services or more customers? Feeling overwhelmed about making ‘good’ decisions? Looking for a confidence boost? If this sounds like you, join us to ignite your business growth in 2014!

This interactive webinar is designed to help you build your business so it’s right for YOU! You can have it ‘all,’ whatever your ‘all’ is. It will provide networking opportunities, inspiration for new ideas and resources to help you meet your business needs for growth.

Learning outcomes:

  • List the main growth strategies to increase sales and/or increase profits
  • Prepare a list of potential growth activities for your business
  • Select three items/resources that your business needs in order to grow

Session 2: Setting New Goal Posts: Growing Your Business from a Tactical Perspective

These webinars will help entrepreneurs set new goals posts for growing their business. Participants identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and learn how to use them to create strategies to reach their business vision, and ultimately success.

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify business Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Identify business Threats and Opportunities
  • Prepare 4 strategic alternatives to grow your business

Session 3: Focused Marketing

When a business owner is asked about their marketing strategy, too many think about direct mail campaigns, social media, newspaper ads, or word of mouth. All those things are a part of marketing, but they are not strategy. They are tactics. Tactics are only as effective as the strategy behind them—the WHY of marketing.

Learning outcomes:

  • Distinguish between marketing strategy and tactics
  • Create a customer profile—understand WHY customers buy
  • Prepare a marketing action plan suited to your budget and your business

Session 4: The Power of One: How Small Changes Can Increase Sales

This webinar is for any business owner, whether experienced or novice, who needs to kick-start their sales strategy. Participants will look at their sales practices and how their daily activities impact overall results.

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify which daily/weekly activities deliver the greatest business results
  • Describe the measurable results of changing one activity, and adding one contact in your business
  • Learn to ask focused questions to close more sales

Session 5: Financial Management

You know you need it, but you don’t want to do this part! We will help de-mystify financial language and help you to better understand how to read the financial health of your business. This workshop covers basic financial principles that must be applied to business decision-making on a daily basis. Workshop materials cover the functions of—and how to interpret—cash flow management, credit and collections, the cost/profit/volume relationship, and business ratios.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand Cash Flow Statements, Balance Sheet and Income Statement
  • Determine how information on financial statements can help you make better business decisions
  • Describe & calculate four key financial ratios

Session 6: Social Media: Love it or Hate It, But in Business—Use It!

During this session you will be provided with WHY you need a social media strategy to grow your business and HOW to make social media accessible and manageable. Learn techniques at this session that will move your business ahead.

Learning outcomes:

  • Gain an increased understanding of how social media is important to business success
  • Determine the best tools that will reach your target customers
  • Create a 90-day plan to get you started and learn how to determine results


  • Price: $750.00
  • Course Delivery: Live webinars
  • Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:00 am to 10 am. February 10, 12, 17, 19, and March 3 & 5

Training By

Women's Enterprise Centre

Women’s Enterprise Centre is the leading business resource for BC women who are starting, growing or purchasing a business. Our team of professionals provides business loans, skills training, advice, mentors, resources and a supportive community to help women start, grow and succeed in their business. Visit our website and our facebook page to get involved today.

Our training features:

  • Practical, applicable skills that are 100% relevant to the successful operation of a small business
  • A range of subjects known to be pivotal to small business success
  • Different learning approaches including live and video conference workshops, webinars and self-directed study

Our workshops are open to men and women. The workshops are offered across BC, in various formats: in-person; via video conference; and by webinar. Business owners will learn in a supportive environment and find out how to avoid costly mistakes before they happen.

Our courses include:

  • Focused Marketing: Targeted EFFORT; Tangible RESULTS
  • Financial Understanding for Small Business: Gain Financial Skills and Knowledge
  • Financial Management for Small Business: Effectively Manage Cash and Finances
  • Setting New Goal Posts: Growing Your Business from a Tactical Perspective
  • Bridging the Generational Divide: Tapping Into Young Talent
  • Sales Strategies: ONE Step at a Time
  • Moving UP! Business Growth Strategies
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Leadership: The Next Level for Business Owners
  • Keeping Good Employees on Board
  • Getting Paid to Pay Attention

Please visit for more details on the courses we offer through the Chamber Learning Network.

To inquire about a particular program please contact us at 1.800.643.7014 ext 112 or email us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .