Email Marketing E-ssentials (Province-wide)

Email Marketing E-ssentials (Province-wide)


Training videos & presentation slides PLUS assistance with your first three email campaigns.

Topics Include:

  • CanSpam laws
  • Email marketing basics
  • Strategies for email marketing success
  • Your email marketing plan
  • Integration with social media and blogging
  • Image editing
  • Tutorials


  • Assistance in uploading contacts
  • Free email marketing template – custom built
  • Assistance in creating your first three email campaigns
  • Assistance in creating a 1 year email marketing plan (content, delivery)
  • 6 hrs coaching via skype & screen sharing applications or in person for local students


  • Price: $750 + gst
  • Course Delivery: Online and Skype

Training By

TLB Marketing E-ssentials

TLB Marketing E-ssentials works with Retailers, Manufacturers, and Service-based Professionals to increase their brand awareness and customer engagement. We create and manage effective Online Marketing Campaigns to drive traffic and increase sales. Trina Links-Gowe, founder of TLB Marketing E-ssentials, has a passion for sharing her expertise with small business owners through seminars, workshops, online training, as well as one on one training.

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