Business Mastery 1 - Workshop (Surrey)


Business Mastery - POWER IN YOU!

This event is for anyone who is wanting more out of their life or business or both and feels like they are spinning their wheels and just not getting ahead. 

Learning Outcome

Here are key topics that will be covered: 

  • Powerful words that destroy you and your success.
  • How to become an expert at presenting yourself at Networking and any public events.
  • 80% of success in the inner game of psychology and 20% is your skill and knowledge. We will show you how to think like the wealthy and drive your personal and professional results to extreme levels of success.
  • We will show you why knowledge and skill are not the keys to success.
  • Why “your own” mind is often your worst enemy
  • How to train yourself for natural and automatic success.
  • How to break-through all your invisible sales and income barriers.
  • The cause of virtually all financial problems and all financial success.
  • Learn the specific ways that the rich and successful think!
With Business Mastery - "Power in You" you will receive a $1000 credit towards one other Make Your Mark workshop including:
  • Business Plan 10
  • Exposure Warrior
  • Sales Warrior
  • Marketing Warrior
  • Profit Warrior
  • Winning Websites 1 & 2: Maximizing Traffic
  • Hire/Fire 101
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Own Your Greatness
  • Social Media Wizard

Duration: Three day workshop

Available Start Dates: 

Surrey - January 22-24, 2015
Surrey - April 16-18, 2015
Surrey - July 2-4, 2015


  • Price: $1000.00
  • Location: Surrey
  • Course Delivery: Three Day Workshop
  • Schedule: 3 Day Workshop

Training By

Make Your Mark Training and Consulting Inc.

Make Your Mark Training and Consulting Inc is the brainchild of Marketing Expert and Business Strategist, Colin Sprake.

Colin lives by the tagline "Business with Soul", which simply means doing business with Heart in a way that makes a positive impression on all those that your business impacts; Your Staff, Colleagues, Associates, Vendors and the Community.

Colin sold his first business when he was 21 years old and continues to build businesses in many different arenas. Over the past 19 years, Colin has visited over 70 countries and has built businesses in mining, engineering, fitness, skin care, handyman services and carpentry, giving him a broad range of understanding into many industries and markets, which ensures you receive top class expertise to grow your business.

99% of start-up & new businesses never get to celebrate their 5th anniversary because of lack of sales, marketing and business knowledge, and mostly because of the Mindset of the Business Owner or Entrepreneur. Majority of the reason why is because the businesses was started by an individual that was passionate about the product they were manufacturing or the service they were delivering, and had no business, sales or marketing skills to assist them in making the venture truly profitable.

Make Your Mark is focused on assisting businesses to achieve their full revenue and profit potential by implementing Mindset, Sales, Marketing and Business Systems and strategies through seminars, corporate trainings and Pro CEO 1-on-1 consulting to yield dramatic increase in the results in your business.

Colin Sprake will assist you with step-by-step processes to have your business making you more money and letting you live the lifestyle you deserve.

He will change the results in your business guaranteed!

If you feel you are spinning your wheels, or have been in business for a few years and not making the money you want, and just not getting your business to where you want it to be, call Colin Sprake at Make Your Mark now.

We promise... you will be very glad you did.