The Human Element Series with Hi Q (Surrey)

The Human Element Series with Hi Q (Surrey)


The Human Element - Cornerstone

Maximize human potential (through self awareness and unblocking methods) and team potential (through maximizing each individual and using concordance for working together). Reduce self-deception, increase openness and coping skills. Through discussions, role plays, imagery, art work and physical events we provide optimal learning experiences.

Learning Outcome

  • Increase self awareness, openness
  • Explore choice and self-determination
  • Assess transparency, accountability and defense mechanisms
  • Give and receive feedback

The Human Element - Organizational Effectiveness

Re-energizing individuals, improving relationships to create more empowered organizations.

Learning Outcome

  • Discuss varied approaches to Teamwork
  • Measure atmosphere compatibility and rigidities
  • Address interpersonal problems to improve productivity and more creative problem solving
  • Practice alternative performance reviews with Element W where employees and supervisors co-review each other

Judith McLean is one of ten in Canada, licensed to facilitate The Human Element workshops and coaching sessions for workers and their leaders.


  • Price: Cornerstone: $995 +gst; Organizational Effectiveness: $695 + gst
  • Location: Surrey
  • Course Delivery: In-person and Online
  • Schedule: Cornerstone: 3 days, 8hrs per day; Organizational Effectiveness: 2 days, 8hrs per day

Training By

Hi Q Training

Making a difference is our business at Hi Q Training.  We move teams to a more caring attitude. We also train leaders to be more human, force clarity and ensure commitment, to confront difficult issues and focus on outcomes.

We are an ethical company of trainers with over 2000 satisfied trainees.  We have been trusted by a large range of trainees, from vulnerable clients such as youth, aboriginals and immigrants, to senior executives of fortune 500 companies. Over 20 years’ experience as an adult educator, Hi Q trainer and owner Judith McLean and her team bring proven experience that moves individuals and teams forward.  Judith is known as an authority in Teambuilding using various assessment tools, including Personality Dimensions™. Judith is also an expert in Esteem and Essential Skills and can train groups for transformation. With certification from The Human Element™, Judith can increase openness and reduce unproductive, defensive behaviours. Hi Q Training works on compatibility among people. She coaches people through difficult conversations, addresses unproductive teams, one-on-one relationships, and adds skills for group decision making. An invitation is always offered to tailor content to meet company’s current needs. HI Q trains supervisors and teams to authentically connect hearts and minds; trains mentors and coaches to better respond to change and transition. We can also train trainers for real learning to continue.

Our classes are designed to:

  • provide a safe place to be authentic, assert yourself
  • actively learn, rehearse
  • celebrate gains
  • give specific feedback
  • be more accountable
  • grow individually and collectively

Your team will be encouraged to reflect, reveal, grow and change throughout our personalized and challenging courses.  We help deal with challenges in virtual or real contexts.