Soft Skills General English Course - 1:1 Coaching (Province-wide)


L2 Accent Reduction Centre provides language training for individuals who have a strong command of the English language, but still struggle in certain areas of communication.   

The Issues
Many skilled immigrants are highly fluent and can communicate their thoughts and ideas accurately, however, there are many nuances in North American English that are very difficult to decipher if one is not a native speaker.     Often the misinterpretation of these nuances or even different cultural expectations can cause confusion and/or sometimes misunderstanding for an individual. These differences often result in newcomers facing barriers because of their lack of understanding of soft skills. 

The Course
This course will cover the skills necessary to help individuals become more aware of their own communication styles as well as listening to what is really being said.    Through interactive exercises, discussion and real life scenarios participants can refine their communication skills.  The course will show participants actions they can take to improve their chances at being a successful business person in the Canadian market. 

Learning Outcome

After this course a student should be able to:

  • Use “softener”  language terms that will help build rapport with customers
  • Define what the “Canadian Business Experience “ means
  • Identify barriers to communication
  • Identify verbal and non-verbal communication techniques
  • Employ active listening techniques
  • Employ influencing techniques
  • Code switching

Course outline:

Communication Overview

  • Identifying Barriers to Communication
  • Cross cultural Communication
  • Results of Miscommunication
  • Consequences of Miscommunication

Interpersonal Communication

  • Body Language
  • Active Listening – What is really being said
  • Why/How did someone take offence?


  • Learn new phrases to help develop rapport with customers
  • Learn language “softeners” to develop loyal customers
  • Learn how to express yourself while considering the listener’s feelings

Influencing Skills

  • How to mitigate problems
  • How to deal with conflict
  • Influencing Others
  • Influence or Manipulation

Five 1 hour sessions or Ten 1 hour sessions

Available Start Date:
Book according to individuals own schedule

Course Pricing:

5 hours - $500.00
8 hours - $800.00
10 hours - $900.00


  • Price: 5 Hours for $500, 8 Hours for $800, 10 Hours for $900
  • Location: Vancouver and Province-wide
  • Course Delivery: 1:1 Coaching, In Person or Skype
  • Schedule: According to individuals own schedule

Training By

L2 Accent Reduction Centre

The L2 Accent Reduction Centre was established to address the growing communication needs of Vancouver's multicultural workforce.

When we opened our doors in May 2008, we knew that there was a lack of services for skilled professionals. Although there were many ESL courses available, we acknowledged that skilled professionals needed training that goes beyond ESL. Most skilled professionals are highly fluent in English, and yet there are many barriers that cannot often be pinpointed.

At the L2 Accent Reduction Centre we have developed effective techniques that help people to overcome the subtleties of the English language, whether that is instruction in accent reduction (training the muscles of the mouth), techniques for writing professionally, or techniques to help one sound more professional through voice projection, word usage, and portraying a successful professional demeanour.