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All companies should be built to profitably deliver value to their markets

Rock Solid Business Coaching is designed and built to help business-people develop strong profitable companies. Many entrepreneurs discover that building a company is a more difficult project than they expected. Getting a company to perform the way you want it to is a challenging project, but the rewards are huge. Our proven programs and experienced coaches consistently deliver the results entrepreneurs are looking for. Client testimonials are below.

Since 2001, Rock Solid Business Coaching has worked with hundreds of companies. Experience has taught us that when you give business-people a common sense road map—that's been proven to deliver results—they will follow it. Owning a strong, profitable company that runs smoothly will have a remarkable impact on your life. The work involved is well worth the effort.

Our signature Company Strength Program works in all sizes of companies although we pride ourselves on is how well and how quickly it works for small to medium sized-companies.

We Live Up to Our Name: Rock Solid Business Coaching

John Cameron – Head Coach

John Cameron the head business coach and trainer at ROCK SOLID Business Development Inc. was originally certified as a professional business coach in Jan 2001 by Action International Inc.

Prior to that he earned a Degree in Business Administration from Simon Fraser University in 1987.

During his 15 year career as a professional business coach and trainer John successfully operated his own private company. John has developed and delivered over a dozen business training programs. All of which have been sold and delivered in unfettered business environments. Some of these programs were also sold and delivered in grant environments as well.

John is also accredited by the Business Development Bank of Canada and is an approved BC Chamber of Commerce Learning Network business trainer.

Since 2005 he has served as a member of British Columbia’s official Small Business Roundtable. It is an advisory board for the Ministry of Small Business with the mandate of making BC the most small business friendly jurisdiction in Canada.

John has authored two business books: ROCK SOLID - How to Strengthen Your Company and the soon to be published Escape from the Valley of the Lost Entrepreneurs.

More importantly he has walked the walk and started companies from scratch. His current company is Rock Solid Business Development Inc. and his first was J.C. Gas Fireplaces which he started as a solopreneur and built it up into a company with three retail locations, a centralized install & service department and twenty-five employees. John sold the company when a very attractive unsolicited offer was presented to him. John Cameron has a formal business education, solid business experience, certification and accreditation, plus fifteen years of proven experience in the business coaching and training marketplace. He is one of BC’s foremost small business experts and a thought leader.

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