Respect in Action (Province-wide)

Respect in Action (Province-wide)


With the increased diversity in the workforce, and greater needs to prioritize teamwork, employee engagement, and ultimately productivity, a culture of respect is needed and legislated more than ever. Many people first learned about respect during their upbringing; as a result, people may have learned different information, people may have practiced what they’ve learned to different degrees, and people may have developed some good and bad habits. The primary learning goal of this program is to calibrate the understanding of respect in the workplace, and to facilitate a learning experience that helps professionals and their organizations accumulate the skills, knowledge, awareness, and resources needed to consistently put respect in action.

Learning Outcome

By the end of Respect in Action workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Define and share the meaning of respect, and identify the impact of respect and disrespect
  • Examine the diversity rooted within the thought process, including prejudgments, and practice being open to points of view
  • Grasp and accept attitudes as a choice and a responsibility
  • Generate and calibrate respectful characteristics and behaviours
  • Recognize and summarize disrespectful behaviours and apply positive esteeming steps to increase morale and engagement
  • Account for Human Rights Code and WorkSafeBC legislation regarding discrimination, harassment and bullying
  • Set-up a respectful communication approach to assessing and addressing disrespect and conflicts

Upcoming Start Dates

One day workshop available for weekday/weekend delivery.

In-house customized training program: $145 + gst per person, with a minimum of 10 team members required. For teams/businesses with less than 10 people please contact Hone for a quote. Volume Unit Rates available for multiple course deliveries scheduled and/or larger groups. (Note: Depending on your location, facilitator travel expenses may be an additional charge.)

Public training program: $295 + gst per person

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  • Price: In-house Customized Training Program (10 participants minimum): $145 + gst per person; Public Training Program: $295 + gst per person
  • Location: In-person
  • Course Delivery: Workshop
  • Schedule: One day workshop available for weekday/weekend delivery.

Training By

Hone Consulting

We develop individuals and teams that deliver results. Your potential and teamwork are the single most untapped competitive advantages. Develop yourself, build higher performing teams, and exceed targets for your business, with Hone’s training, coaching, and consulting solutions.

Members of the Hone Team have over 20 years of experience in individual, management, leadership, and team development, with backgrounds in working with diverse organizations from various industries. We support businesses of all sizes (small, medium, and large) with their employee, management and leadership coaching and training needs that involve the following:

  • Fostering Respectful Workplaces
  • Resolving and Managing Conflict
  • Building Effective Working Relationships
  • Implementing Behaviours for High Functioning Teams

We work with teams of all types varying in size from three to hundreds, and individuals from a variety of positions, ranging from entry level to senior leadership, and deliver:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Public workshops across the province based on demand
  • In-house/onsite customized training programs at your business location

For our in-house/onsite customized training programs, we deliver to groups of three or more to meet the specific needs and budgets of your business, with flexible scheduling for your convenience. As well, if you’re interested in an in-house/onsite workshop, and you don’t have an available room or the space, we can recommend and/or coordinate a meeting location for you based on our experience and research on the best and most cost effective venues.

Our acclaimed training programs featured here with the Chamber Learning Network include:

  • Making Conflict Productive
  • Everything DiSC® Management
  • Respect in Action I
  • The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team™

With our main office located in Victoria, B.C. Hone’s clients have included businesses from various sectors throughout the province, as well as Alberta, Canada, and internationally. For over six years, we have consistently demonstrated a proven track record in the delivery of exceptional client services to meet our clients’ needs and exceed targets.

As you consider your options, we welcome the opportunity to earn your business and provide:

  • Complimentary consultation on all training programs
  • Complimentary participant materials for your review on all training programs
  • References of current and previous clients.

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