Hillary Samson Consulting

Hillary Samson Consulting

Hillary Samson offers operations and business planning coaching, training and implementation for small businesses and social enterprises. She understands that your exciting business idea isn’t enough; you need to implement effectively so that your business can thrive while you still maintain a balance with the rest of your life.

Hillary brings 20 years of experience in a range of industries to each of her clients. Her areas of expertise are: 

  • Business model definition: Which products or services should you move forward with next
  • Operations: How can you make the work flow more smoothly through your business
  • Competitive analysis: Who are the key businesses in your industry to be aware of
  • Projections: Where are you going in terms of revenue and expenses
  • Reporting: What are the key numbers to track and how are they trending
  • Product management: What are the steps to launching a successful new product, service or business unit
  • Project management: How do you best move the project forward and stay on time and in budget

Hillary has an MBA in Entrepreneurship from The University of Victoria.


Ambrose Merrell is a successful high-tech entrepreneur, economist and author with 20 years experience in strategy development and business planning.  

With a degree in economics, Ambrose has always been focused on business in general and entrepreneurship in particular. He started his first business at 16 years old and his second upon leaving university.  His third business, a Web development and software company, employed a staff of 12 and was a key supplier to some of the UK's largest companies for nearly a decade.

He has consulted at board level for Compass Group, a $20 billion multinational, and worked with many other large, medium and small businesses, not-for-profits and government. Originally from England he moved to Vancouver in 2006.  

His areas of expertise are:

  • Business strategy: the foundation of a successful business
  • Business planning: how to execute the strategy
  • Process development: for efficiency, quality and growth
  • Team development: talented and passionate staff
  • High value sales: making sales from $10k to $500k
  • Marketing: effectively communicating your unique value
  • Cashflow management: the demise of many a business

Web strategy: how to effectively use the Web

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