Dale Carnegie Training®

Dale Carnegie Training®

Founded in 1912, Dale Carnegie Training® has evolved from one man’s belief in the power of self-improvement to a performance-based training organization with offices worldwide. It focuses on giving people in the public and private sector the opportunity to sharpen their skills and improve their performance to build positive, steady, measurable results.


Dale Carnegie Training® serves the public and private sectors in 290 locations, 80 countries and 30 languages worldwide and provides its clients with the resources of 2,700 trainers. Each has undergone rigorous training to become certified in the Carnegie Process. Each is also required to take re-certification training annually. Our certification process is ISO 9001:2000 certified and we are the only global training company that is recognized under this process. These expert practitioners shape the Carnegie body of knowledge into tools you and they can use to co-create the high performance, customer oriented teams you desire.

Over eight million individuals have participated in Dale Carnegie Training®, many of whom participated specifically to strengthen their ability to:


• Build teamwork

• Enhance customer focus

• Develop leadership

• Generate enthusiastic cooperation from others

• Motivate others to peak performance

• Communicate persuasively


Dale Carnegie Training has been improving the performance of individuals, teams and organizations for 100 years.  We not good because we’re old, we’re old because what we do works.

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