Management and Leadership

Grow Your Business Webinar Series

Grow Your Business Webinar Series Training Provider Women's Enterprise Centre

This hands-on webinar series will take your business to the next level! Studying six topics in

seven sessions will provide you with skills in marketing, growth strategy development, financial

understanding, using social media and more! This comprehensive series will help you turn

your dreams for business growth into a doable action plan. Take advantage of the marketing,

financial and human resource experts who are providing you with seven sessions of valuable

training. After completing the series, you can take advantage of our one-to-one professional

business advising services for free.

High Impact Presentations - Workshop (Burnaby)

High Impact Presentations - Workshop (Burnaby) Training Provider Dale Carnegie Training®

A presentation is one of the most important tools you have in business for getting things done. Whether you’re persuading colleagues, selling a client, energizing a team or showing an idea to senior management, the power of your presentation makes the difference between success and failure.

The experience in this seminar is as close as you can get to having a personal coach. You begin presenting from almost the moment you walk into the class. You present at least seven times over the course of two days. Your presentations are videotaped and evaluated. And you get expert, one-on-one coaching at the end of each presentation.


Training Location

How to Lead Effectively and Manage Efficiently (Abbotsford and Province-wide)

How to Lead Effectively and Manage Efficiently (Abbotsford and Province-wide) Training Provider Giesbrecht, Goodrich & Co.

This condensed course provides the fundamentals of leadership styles, 100 key principles with respect to motivating and empowering others, and almost 30 different principles associated with performance management and growth.

Training Location

Abbotsford or Online Option
$2,000 + gst
Interpersonal Skills Training with Hi Q (Surrey)

Interpersonal Skills Training with Hi Q (Surrey) Training Provider Hi Q Training

Improved navigation between different personality types, different generations and genders; more favourable outcomes from your influential tactics.

Training Location

$250 + gst
Leadership and Management Training (Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley & Province-wide)

Leadership and Management Training (Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley & Province-wide) Training Provider Main Street Communications Ltd.

Customized 1:1 training on core management and leadership competencies including communication skills, decision -making, problem-solving, team-building, roles and responsibilities, getting results, managing change and risk-taking, and self-management and self-care.

Training Location

In-person Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley or via Skype/Teleconference Province-wide
8 hours $1,400 + gst; 10 hours $1,750 + gst; 12 hours $2,100 + gst; 16 hours $2,800 + gst
Level 1 - Organized and Profitable™

Level 1 - Organized and Profitable™ Training Provider Systems Business Coach®

Geared towards small business owners and leadership team members, this eight-month online business training program will help participants work through each Core Competency of their business as they create and implement a "road map" based on principles of success in business. Course participants will have the support of a certified trainer and group of like-minded entrepreneurs as they work through the program. Participants will learn together, in an online group setting, how to set up each area of their business efficiently and effectively, to help their business run more smoothly.

Training Location

Live interactive online scheduled training
$5,250.00 + GST
Making Conflict Productive (Province-wide)

Making Conflict Productive (Province-wide) Training Provider Hone Consulting

The Making Conflict Productive workshop and/or coaching program, which uses the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), will help individuals identify their preferred methods of dealing with conflict, understand how others try to resolve conflict, and teach skills to identify more appropriate methods of conflict management and resolution. Participants will learn the five conflict modes of avoiding, accommodating, compromising, competing, and collaborating, and how to evaluate conflict situations and respond appropriately. Learn how to constructively work through conflict, and develop better working relationships, reduce stress, and increase job satisfaction; deal more effectively with disagreements between co-workers and communication breakdowns. This workshop and coaching is for individuals who want to channel workplace conflict appropriately, and improve productivity and teamwork.

Training Location

Online or In-Person
In-house Training Program (10 participants minimum): $145 + gst per person; Public Training Program: $295 + gst per person; Coaching Program: $125 + gst per hour


This Training Program is popular & ideal for current or aspiring Business Individuals. This 1-6 month Training Program is a comprehensive offering covering the top 15 Master Strategies & 20 Laws of Extraordinary Success that help businesspeople achieve significant Outcomes. Through an interactive series of learning & strategic exercises, documentation, & journaling, people translate dreams to reality.
$3,750.00 + GST
Negotiation Skills Training with Hi Q (Surrey)

Negotiation Skills Training with Hi Q (Surrey) Training Provider Hi Q Training

Improved business results, outcomes, and profitability; reduced unnecessary compromise and needless price discounting; and improved organizational and personal performance.

Training Location

$275 + gst
One Simple Thing Program (Vancouver)

One Simple Thing Program (Vancouver) Training Provider Hillary Samson Consulting

Right now there is one simple thing that you can focus on to transform your business. We can help you find it.

Program leaders Ambrose Merrell and Hillary Samson focus on helping you discover the one thing that will have a huge impact on your business if you concentrate your energy on it. It’s not easy to find, but it is certainly there.

Training Location

6 three-hour sessions for $1,500 + gst