Strategic Planning (Vancouver & Province-wide)

Strategic Planning (Vancouver & Province-wide)


Four Steps to Strategic Planning and Strategic Planning Accelerator Course covers, strategic planning overview, next step planning, how to effectively redesign the business model, how to increase profit margins, how to creating systems and processes that are measurable.

You know that something needs to shift in your business and you are ready to make a move. You may be looking to energize new profit producing activities, rethink your business model or create growth blueprints.

Our focus is your progression!

We will design simple and unique strategies + systems to answer to your challenges. Zooming in to uncover the root of these challenges and identify what needs to be done or done differently will lead to sustainable results.

The training is fully customizable and flexible.

Learning Outcome

Participants will learn to identify the source of their challenges, energize solutions and strategically plan for change so that it creates measurable results. This can include:

  • How to identify the root of the challenge
  • How to plan for change
  • How to effectively redesign the business model
  • How to increase profit margins
  • How to creating systems and processes that are measurable

This course if offered one to one, however it can be adapted to partnerships and teams.

Course Options:

Course A: Four Steps to Strategic Planning - 4 In-depth one to one sessions $1,150 + gst.

Course B: Strategic Planning Accelerator - 4 In-depth one to one sessions, 10 Action Focused one-to-one sessions, 6 Laser Coaching sessions $3,800 + gst.

This course can be taken back to back with Building your Brand, Marketing your Products and Services, and Business Planning.

Upcoming Start Dates

Start dates are ongoing and flexible.


  • Price: Four Steps to Strategic Planning - $1,150 + gst; Strategic Planning Accelerator - $3,800 + gst
  • Course Delivery: In-person in Vancouver or via Telephone/Skype Province-wide

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The power of having a ThinkPartner as a sounding board or as part of your professional resource group gives you and a chance to intensely focus on those areas that need to change.

Whether you are just starting out or in the expansion mode you will want to receive the real world guidelines and solutions you need to fast track your results.

ThinkPartner Coaching focuses on Business Training, Strategic Planning and Entrepreneur Coaching.


About Debroah, Entrpreneur and Business Coach

Deborah Richardson is a Certified Executive Business Coach and seasoned Entrepreneur. She works exclusively with small business owners and their teams, solopreneurs and independent professionals.

Deborah is inquisitive, intuitive and purposeful. She focuses both on quick wins and long term gains with a lean-in on brand development, niche marketing, social media and growth blueprints.

Her coach approach is creative and solution driven, backed by experience, proven systems and how-to’s.

She keeps the entrepreneurs best interest in mind and looks to making valuable connections to additional resources and contacts that would assist the business owner moving forward.

The collaboration is confidential, intentional and results driven.

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What Others Have to Say

“Coaching with Deborah has been an eye opening experience. She has helped us clarify ‘what we offer’ and ‘who we offer it too’….. and ‘how we do it’. This made a huge impact on our business. Sales are up, and we're feeling enthusiastic and inspired.” Kevin Park, WeAreWildness, Courtneay BC

“In very little time Deborah came up with an exciting and unconventional business model, uniquely created to match the particular structure of my business.” Natasha McHardy, Artist, Vancouver BC

“Deborah helped me find clarity and create a detailed plan of attack. I accomplished everything we talked about within 6 months, including finding the perfect business partner and increasing our profit margin. I have never been so motivated in my business!” Fumi Bull, Davie & Chiyo, Vancouver

“I am at the point where my project needs to focus on marketing. My creative mind lacks business savvy and this is where Deborah comes in. Deborah has been able to help me organize and prioritize all my ideas into a practical plan” Dave Wilson, Broc and Cara, Victoria BC

“Deborah's array of skills and experiences can tackle your most difficult problems and reach successful and quantitative results.” Andrea Diodati, Designer, New York