Level 2 - Revenue Growth and Employee Development™

Level 2 - Revenue Growth and Employee Development™


Course Description - Students in PACE Business Centre Small Business Foundations program will prepare for senior level decision making in key areas of business management attention. The specific focus of this level 2 program is on Company financial stability, revenue growth and strategically developing human resource capital. Students will develop a comprehensive understanding of today’s global marketplace and bring that learning in real time into their own organizations. This in turn will strengthen their company resulting in a more stable local economy. Designed for entrepreneurs who have secured basic order and profitability into their organizations and are now looking to grow both their revenue and their teams.

Learning Outcomes - Participants will experience the following: Measured increase in gross revenue AND net profit, Increased workplace safety, training and job security for employees, Develops a comprehensive understanding of today’s global marketplace making better financial decisions, Focuses on building Leadership Capacity and technical competence in Finance and Human Resources, Learns to think and act Strategically, and Increased capacity to provide new jobs in British Columbia.

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  • Price: $12,250
  • Location: Live interactive online scheduled training.
  • Course Delivery: Classroom / Conference
  • Schedule: 4 academic blocks (10 weeks each)

Training By

Systems Business Coach®

Getting your business profitable, organized, and stable are possible when you focus on the basics of business.  These basics include your leadership strength and style, the consistency of your operations, the way you track & spend money, how inspired, informed and cooperative your employees are, and ultimately your company’s reputation in the market.

If you are struggling to get your business profitable, want to gain consistent excellent results for your customers, and are yearning for the lifestyle that you imagined when you first started this venture then consider the Systems Business Coach program as part of your learning journey to greater success.