Create a Strategic Marketing Plan that’s Powerful yet Simple (Province-wide)


Course Description

We’ve all heard the phrase: “It’s all in the marketing”? Marketing can make or break a small business. Often when you begin your business you create brochures, business cards, a website, and even a smattering of advertising in varying mediums. But how much planning went into all of these? Did you establish any strategy or master plan that ties your marketing all together to ensure its effective? You as a business owner have an amazing opportunity to influence your own profitability and success by establishing a comprehensive Strategic Marketing Plan. Marketing is the one area that can make a huge difference, especially when you ensure it has the right message to the right target, with maximum impact, measured ROI, loyal customers and even Raving Fans. Together, we will explore:

  • How to establish a “solid marketing foundation” for your business
  • How to ensure your business is ready for an increase in revenue
  • What’s the lifetime value of a client?
  • How to determine your “ideal client”? Then, how do you reach them?
  • How to create a powerful marketing message
  • What is a brand? What is a brand image, a brand identity, what does this mean, and why is it important?
  • How to create a unique promotional plan
  • How to measure marketing
  • How to maximize your marketing budget and deliver high-impact results
  • How to get clients that are so loyal, they become “Raving Fans”, and get amazing referrals

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  • Price: $6,000 + gst for 3 months of weekly training; $6,000 + gst for 6 months of bi-weekly training (12 sessions, within either 3 months or 6 months, choice of weekly or biweekly); $1000 + gst for each additional person
  • Course Delivery: Video or teleconference
  • Schedule: Start at the date of your choosing, and to be completed within the timeframe laid out in the cost schedule. Order of topics can be changed to suit client’s needs.

Training By

Thrive Business Strategies Inc.

At Thrive Business Strategies, we work with you, the business owner, by evaluating your business using state of the art assessment tools, and understanding what your vision is for your business in the future. We help you understand all areas of your business, including Financial Management and Profitability, Systemization, Operations Management, Marketing, Customer Service, Sales, Human Resources, Strategy, and your own Leadership. We then establish strategies and work on implementing these strategic action plans to get you to your goals. We offer incremental growth and change over time through ongoing implementation of strategies. We help you think outside the box, and create synergy and advantages that could not be accomplished individually... From fine-tuning your business for peak performance, to overcoming barriers that stand in the way of achieving greater success, Thrive Business Strategies works with you directly to blaze a path to success. Together, we build a business-development system tailor-made for your unique needs, engineered for greater profitability and growth.