Big Picture Coach

Big Picture Coach

Personal Profile

A life-long resident of British Columbia as well as the Owner of The Big Picture Coach Inc. Trainer, Speaker, and Business Coach to Small Business Owners, Professionals, Managers, and Junior Executives he helps them to have their Best Year Ever! This is done over time by teaching relentless refinement, personal and professional development, and creating strong habits. He resides in Burnaby & works across BC.

Patrick’s Mission is to travel across British Columbia to inspire, educate, train, and coach BC’s businesspeople.

Professional and Entrepreneurial Accomplishments

Patrick has earned his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Degree from Simon Fraser University with a major in Marketing. Patrick is a Certified CRG (Consulting Resources Group) specialist in Personal Style Indicator personality profiling-based assessment tools. Has over 20 years’ business-to-business corporate sales experience, having worked with BIC, CTG, BCTel & TELUS, where he sold over $50 Million in products and services to over 1,000 companies, organizations, and levels of government. Patrick now helps companies to significantly increase their sales & profitability.

Patrick received his coaching certification & training from:
• The Graduate School of Coaching
• The Thomas Leonard School of Coaching
• The School of Small Business Coaching
• The Graduate School of Corporate Coaching

A founding member of CoachVille as well as the International Association of Coaches (IAC).

Business Community Involvement

A former member of ToastMasters International and the BC Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers(CAPS). An active member of the Surrey Board of Trade, Richmond Chamber of Commerce, & Ridge Meadows Chamber of Commerce. Is a former Executive Director of High Output Business Networking. An active member of the BNI Driven Dragons where he is the head of the New Member Mentor Team. An actively participating Vendor & Affiliate of Rapid Time Networks (RTN).

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