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Respect in Action (Province-wide)

Respect in Action (Province-wide) Training Provider Hone Consulting

With the increased diversity in the workforce, and greater needs to prioritize teamwork, employee engagement, and ultimately productivity, a culture of respect is needed and legislated more than ever. Many people first learned about respect during their upbringing; as a result, people may have learned different information, people may have practiced what they’ve learned to different degrees, and people may have developed some good and bad habits. The primary learning goal of this program is to calibrate the understanding of respect in the workplace, and to facilitate a learning experience that helps professionals and their organizations accumulate the skills, knowledge, awareness, and resources needed to consistently put respect in action.

Training Location

In-house Customized Training Program (10 participants minimum): $145 + gst per person; Public Training Program: $295 + gst per person
Respectful Workpalces Training with Hi Q (Surrey)

Respectful Workpalces Training with Hi Q (Surrey) Training Provider Hi Q Training

When respect is present in a work environment, there are a number of healthy conditions that can be observed.

Training Location

$195 + gst
Results Centered Leadership (Surrey/Vancouver)

Results Centered Leadership (Surrey/Vancouver) Training Provider Catalyst Training Services

Results-Centered Leadership is designed to cascade the organization’s mission and vision throughout the organization by aligning management and staff. It is based upon bringing out the best in people, coaching them to succeed, in an environment of respect and trust rather than policing them for failure. It enables the organization and everyone in it to achieve superior results.   Proper leadership traits and personal skills are not only learned by a few but are transferred to many –and where working smarter together results in greater success. The program is based on practical experiences for today’s business environment and applies both personally and in the business world, providing the opportunity for a more balanced life.

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$2,495 + gst