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One Simple Thing Program (Vancouver)

One Simple Thing Program (Vancouver) Training Provider Hillary Samson Consulting

Right now there is one simple thing that you can focus on to transform your business. We can help you find it.

Program leaders Ambrose Merrell and Hillary Samson focus on helping you discover the one thing that will have a huge impact on your business if you concentrate your energy on it. It’s not easy to find, but it is certainly there.

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6 three-hour sessions for $1,500 + gst
One-to-One Marketing Coaching (Province-wide)

One-to-One Marketing Coaching (Province-wide) Training Provider TLB Marketing E-ssentials

Create and jointly execute a marketing program for your business. This will include a marketing audit & marketing plan followed by training in the execution of your marketing plan. Will include social media training, website and search engine optimization, email marketing, online advertising, as well as traditional marketing.

3 month $3,000 + gst; 6 month $6,000 + gst; 9 month $9,000 + gst; 12 month $12,000 + gst