Pacific Office Solutions

Pacific Office Solutions

Staying on top and maintaining control of your business finances is critical to your financial success.   By regularly monitoring your sales, receivables, expenditures and profitability, you will foresee potential problems, reduce hidden costs, capitalize on unrecognized savings, and uncover new opportunities for growth.

At Pacific Office Solutions, we make it our mission to eliminate your fear of uncertainty and give you greater control over your business financials.  We listen to your needs and provide reliable and timely solutions designed to optimize your productivity and profitability.

Pacific Office Solutions is a local professional bookkeeping firm established in Surrey in 2001.  For over ten years, we have been training sole proprietors, owners of incorporated companies, and husband and wife partnerships to handle their own bookkeeping utilizing Simply Accounting or QuickBooks. Through our practical, direct and effective training services, these businesses are now consistently tracking their financial performance and confidently making informed decisions that improve their cash flow and profits.

Our courses include Bookkeeping and Tax planning training.

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